Executing your Vision with Precision

At Mountain Point, we apply a hybrid Agile/Waterfall approach to ensure a systematic and efficient Salesforce implementation. Our methodology is designed to align closely with your business objectives, delivering an optimized Salesforce environment.

Our Methodology

Plan and Architect

Our process begins with a strategic plan tailored to your business needs. In this phase, we architect your Salesforce solution, creating a detailed blueprint for the integration that aligns with your operational needs.



Moving from planning to action, we enter the construction phase. Here, we build and integrate the designed Salesforce components. We continually incorporate your feedback throughout this iterative process, adapting the solution to any evolving business requirements.


Quality assurance is integral to our implementation methodology. During the validation phase, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the system's reliability, performance, and compatibility with your existing processes and systems.



During the deployment phase, the well-crafted plan is executed. We integrate Salesforce into your operational environment, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your existing workflows.


Our commitment to your business success extends beyond deployment. We provide post-deployment support to troubleshoot any issues, optimize the system, and make necessary adjustments. We're here to ensure your Salesforce platform continues to deliver value and drive business growth.


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Culture, The World's Soul

The Altitude Collection showcases culture: the soul of our world. We endeavoured to capture it’s form in all different walks of life. From urban cities to rainforests, our world is so diverse, and that's real beauty.

From the largest train station in the world, to a small village in Central America, there’s awe to be discovered in every eye seen, every photo captured, every life lived.

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