Understanding Customer Experience

Written by
Brittney Nuckols
Marketing Automation Specialist, Mountain Point

Understanding Customer Experience

As the technology available at our fingertips progresses, so does the demand for timely, responsive customer service. Our customers not only expect us to get back to them in a reasonable amount of time, but they also expect us to have an understanding of what they need from the beginning and provide them with any easy path to their preferred outcome. 

According to a survey from PWC, 65% of U.S. customers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than advertising & 32% are willing to walk away from a brand they love because of just one bad experience. 

Customer service has become a big part of the way customers perceive and identify with your brand – if you hope to foster loyalty, you should be prioritizing customer experience at every turn. 

How Do We Get Started?

understanding customer experience

By taking a good look at your current processes for purchases, support, and returns, you can identify the areas that may involve pitfalls. Do you quickly (if not immediately) provide your online customers with an order confirmation email and shipping/tracking information? Do you have chat capabilities and/or a full spectrum of FAQ articles available for questions? What’s the lifecycle like for your return process? 

We work with our clients to identify these deficiencies and decide on the best course of action. Generally, automation is key. This is because with automation, you can eliminate both human error and the time that it takes to make decisions and pass things along from person to person. 

What Does the Customer Experience Overhaul Process Look Like? 

We take advantage of tools like Salesforce Webforms & Flows to address customer experience on two fronts: first, we can reassure customers that their issue is being looked into right away and keep them updated throughout the process.

Next, these tools streamline your process thereby giving your team the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

On top of that, your team can focus on the issue at hand rather than dealing with red tape and/or a confusing chain of command.

What Kind of Outcomes Can I Expect?

Understanding customer experience

The benefit in providing a positive experience for customers goes beyond just customer retention & loyalty. In a recent study, Deloitte found that customers tell an average of 9 people about positive experiences, but an average of 16 people about negative experiences.

Our customers can be our best evangelists, but when they have a bad experience, it sits with them and they are very likely to share. 

Forward thinking businesses will see this as an opportunity to build trust and loyalty with customers. By taking the time to overhaul & integrate our backend systems and eliminate technical debt, we can create a smooth, seamless process for our current and future customers to interact with our brand and its representatives.

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