Our Journey to Crest

Written by
Brittney Nuckols
Marketing Automation Specialist, Mountain Point

Our Journey to Crest

We’re so pleased to announce that we have reached Crest Status within the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce has four levels for their consulting partners; Base, Ridge, Crest & Summit. By reaching Crest, we join the top 15% of partners. 

This highlights our significant achievements and investments into the core aspects of the Salesforce Partner Program:  Growth - Innovation - Success - Social Impact. The Partnership program and the specific guidelines for success represent one of the reasons we wanted to work with Salesforce from day one. 

While we will never stop reaching for the top level, Summit, we can’t help feeling a bit nostalgic about reaching Crest. This seems like an ideal time to share our journey! How we started, where we are now, and what it took to get here. 

The Start of Our Journey: Basecamp

It should come as no surprise to our loyal readers that Mountain Point was data-driven from the very beginning. Our company’s three founders first met while working for the U.S. government in an effort to integrate global intelligence systems and implement large-scale data analysis projects to predict and prevent threats to our nation. 

They had a shared realization at this time: the technologies they were helping to develop - artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, integrated data clearinghouses and automation - could help revolutionize the business world. 

With this in mind, Mountain Point was founded in 2014 with a pretty simple goal: to help our clients align and optimize people, processes, technology and data. For most companies, this requires a complete digital transformation. 

Growth & Innovation: The Hike Accelerates

Mountain Point Salesforce Crest Consulting Partner

Once we joined the Salesforce ecosystem as consulting partners, we worked to develop a deep expertise in customizing, implementing and managing Salesforce products. 

At first, we focused on the manufacturing and consumer packaged goods verticals, as it was clear to our founders how much these particular industries could gain from full data maturity and process automation. We became one of the go-to Salesforce consulting partners for manufacturing organizations despite our relatively small team. 

Pretty soon, we began branching out and serving clients from a variety of industries and our reputation for expertise, problem solving, and customer satisfaction grew. We added more team members and recognized that we were in a position to make real social impact. 

Leading With Intent: We Continue to Climb

Our founders knew they were in a position to use their expertise in the tech industry to help people build new skills & change their lives. And they knew exactly where they wanted to start: Appalachia. As West Virginia natives, they knew that the dying coal industry was leading to collapsing regional economies, job loss without new opportunities, and many people feeling they had no other choice than to leave Home to find a decent job. 

The opportunity was clear: the hard-working, talented and driven people of Appalachia would be a perfect fit for tech jobs, and due to the nature of this work, it can be done from anywhere.. Mountain Point’s sister company, Central App was founded in 2016 with a commitment to helping Appalachians get training & job placement in the tech industry. 

But we did not stop there. Our commitment to leading with social impact continues to grow year after year. We’re proud to be part of the Salesforce Talent Alliance Fellowship Program, helping newly certified Salesforce professionals gain real world experience. In 2021, we began partnering with Pledge 1%, an organization that helps us donate a percentage of our profits to the Nature Conservancy.

Success & Determination: We’ve Reached the Crest

Salesforce Crest Consulting Partner Mountain Point

Social impact is not the only category in which we’ve grown. Over the years, we’ve added a ton of very talented and hardworking people to our team.

We believe that a big reason for our success is our team of Consultants, Solutions Architects, Data Scientists, and Subject Matter Experts. They give their best every single day and are fiercely dedicated to delivering results to our clients and helping them reach new heights in their businesses. 

We have over 60 Salesforce certifications and our team is constantly earning more accolades. We maintain a Customer Satisfaction Score of 4.9 out of 5 and were recognized regionally as one of Charlotte’s 50 Fastest Growing Businesses in 2021.

The Journey Continues: Summit Is On the Horizon

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to achieve Crest Status, but our climb continues! Over the coming years, we plan to continue growing our team of talented, hard working people; delivering superior results for our clients; and leading with Social Impact.

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