Integrations, Explained

Written by
Brittney Nuckols
Marketing Automation Specialist, Mountain Point

Integrations, Explained

Integrations are tools that combine data from multiple sources, usually systems of record and systems of engagement. They eliminate the need for duplicate entry and provide useful insights at every level of business. 

There are many reasons to connect your systems and data, depending on your day-to-day business needs and long-term goals.

Which Integration Is Right For My Business?

No integration is one-size-fits-all, but they do fall into two general groups: one-way or two-way. 

One-way integrations into a CRM like Salesforce are best suited for companies where the majority of quoting, order processing and warehousing is done by inside sales teams utilizing an existing ERP system.

This data can be leveraged for sales teams to gain customer behavior insights and can provide a seamless view into shipment status, product inventory and availability for customer service teams. 

Two-way integrations between two systems of record are better suited for a more advanced business looking to provide their inside and outside sales teams or service teams with a flexible, mobile platform to perform daily tasks related to quoting, customer updates, order generation.

What Kind of Outcomes Can I expect?

Integrating Data to CRMs like Sales Cloud from one or multiple data warehouses can provide insights for Sales teams about existing and prospective customers along with their RFQ and purchase history, or can be leveraged for outside sales team visibility of customers and reporting purposes.

Integrated data can provide customer-facing Service Teams with information related to order and shipment status, product inventory and availability.

When correctly implemented & leveraged, integrations can increase efficiencies of each platform you’re using, provide insights into historical data to strengthen relationships, and vastly improve reporting capabilities. 

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