How MDF Revolutionized Their E-commerce Operations

Written by
Brittney Nuckols
Marketing Automation Specialist, Mountain Point

How MDF Revolutionized Their E-commerce Operations

MDF has been a respected manufacturer of medical instruments, such as stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and neurological hammers, since the early 1970s. They’ve earned a global reputation for both the superior craftsmanship of their products and their commitment to supporting the NGOs that bring care to under-served communities everywhere. 

MDF came to Mountain Point with a lofty goal: they wanted to completely transform  their e-commerce operations.

With a global presence, an array of product types & divisions, and popular customization options, MDF had built out a complicated and somewhat disconnected framework of data storage & order management systems.

Their objectives were to maintain their current outward facing ordering process for their customers while gaining more visibility into inventory data and making their fulfillment process faster for customers and simplifed for thier warehouse team.

Read below to learn how we teamed with MDF to revolutionize their e-commerce operations.

Step One: Take Stock

The first step when making a big change or starting a digital transformation should always be to take stock of what you’re currently working with. The MDF leadership team identified the things that weren’t helping them move forward, the things that made life much easier, and the operational gaps they wanted to fill.

“How many systems do you have & how many do you actually need? Does the same data live in multiple places? Which systems work really well and which are more trouble than they’re worth? Questions like these can help you lay out a road map that will work long & short term.”

Step Two: Align 

With a solid idea of what would work best moving forward, MDF was ready to start aligning their systems, integrations, and operations. 

MDF had multiple e-commerce partners and several divisions that were all working well, so the challenge was not to combine them, but to find a way to store all of the data in one place, in real time. 

We worked with MDF to identify and configure an integration to run daily that would take all orders from each e-commerce site, apply discounts based on custom logic, allow for customizations like engraving, and combine the information with their current inventory. 

Step Three: Automate

Automate where it makes sense. Every business is different, but one thing every business has in common is that there is a place where automation would help to remove roadblocks and make the process smoother. 

As a global manufacturer, MDF was looking to streamline the process once an order was placed. Our team created custom automation to pick, pack, ship and invoice all orders for MDF. 

Step Four: Identify Your Source of Truth

MDF needed a flexible cloud-based ERP to store all of their inventory data and facilitate order fulfillment. Their requirements made their choice easy: Rootstock. A cloud ERP made specifically for manufacturers and built on the Salesforce platform, Rootstock is a flexible and forward-looking ERP.

Businesses with one source of truth are well-positioned to remain agile while still experiencing growth. This is because decisions are prescriptive and predictive rather than reactive. Leadership can see potential issues and opportunities before they arise, and plan accordingly.

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