Customer Service Overhaul

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Brittney Nuckols
Marketing Automation Specialist, Mountain Point

Customer Service Overhaul

As businesses, we all understand how important creating a positive customer experience is. We want our potential and current customers to enjoy their interaction with us at every step of their journey.

But sometimes this is easier said than done. 

Each customer journey is different, and without the right processes in place, customers can become frustrated with longer than expected wait times & having to submit their information more than once. 

When you have the right tools & processes in place, you can use the information you already have along with a guided inquiry process to ensure that your customer service experience is smooth and positive. 

Read to learn about how we used Salesforce tools to help our customer, CAIRE, overhaul their customer service experience. 

The Customer

Customer Service Overhaul

CAIRE works with healthcare providers around the world to provide cutting edge

healthcare supplies and technology to those who need it. 

As a growing company with a global distribution process, CAIRE knew they needed to streamline their customer experience process to ensure their team could keep up with the growing demand for their products.  

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, this long-term goal became much more immediate. With customers around the world in need of supplies & support, the CAIRE team had to act. They asked Mountain Point to help them come up with a solution to their customer service challenge. 

The Challenge 

CAIRE offered several support channels to customers, however, the online support such as email to case and webforms had slow case resolution. This was mostly due to the manual nature of the case assignment process. 

Once created, cases needed to be manually assigned, and sometimes re-assigned before the right Service Representative was able to begin assisting the customer. This was adding hours to both the first response time & case resolution time. 

On top of this, their call centers were dealing with cases that CAIRE knew could be handled online – making the process easier for customers and taking some pressure off the call center team. But they didn’t have a clear process for customers to follow. 

CAIRE needed a solution that would match their customers with the right customer service representative from the start, and keep the lines of communication open & clear throughout the entire process. 

The Solution

Customer Experience Overhaul

Mountain Point worked with CAIRE to map out and prioritize the criteria for case assignment. We took into account the global nature of the business (separated into regions) & the array of products & services offered.

Webforms were updated to replace open text fields with required dropdowns & dependent picklists. This approach helps guide the customer to the right place & ensures that they submit all of the necessary information on the first attempt.

Next, we took advantage of the automation & segmentation capabilities of Pardot. The webforms were routed to Pardot, where visitors were matched with existing Leads & Contacts or new Leads were created. This allowed all of the customer's previous activity to be mapped along with the service request, so their customer service representative was able to have a complete picture of them, rather than just the singular request. 

We created custom Flows in Salesforce to automatically create cases, automatically assign cases to the appropriate queues, and automatically sync all relevant information. 

Multiple manual tasks were replaced with better system integration and automation within Salesforce, allowing for faster first response time, better historic visibility, and decreased case resolution time.

The Results 

Since the Customer Service Overhaul, CAIRE has seen an improved first response time & and shorter case resolution time overall. Cases are mapped to the correct representative automatically, so their team can focus on providing solutions. Since CAIRE’s data is being shared across interfaces, representatives can better serve their customers and help them throughout the process.

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